‘XRP will inevitably collapse’

The XRP community has been unhappy with the price movement of the currency for some time.

Some popular analysts and others in the industry are against the 4th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. One of these individuals is Peter Brand.

He is a well-known trader who has studied and analyzed commodity markets since 1980. In a recent Twitter post, Brand drew strong criticism of XRP .

Brand began a series of publications comparing the NASDAQ and the Nikkei. He wanted to know if NASDAQ would follow Nikkei’s chart or just crash once it peaked.

In the same thread, one commenter wanted Brand to explain why the XRP didn’t fall to its $ 0.000000013 bottom. Peter replied that XRP was just a manipulated scam and the price would inevitably fall to that level at some point.

According to Brand, we just have to wait to witness the inevitable collapse of Ripple’s assets. 

Many people said that large companies such as Santander, SBI, Google and Microsoft would not have joined the Ripple network if it had been a scam, according to Brand. 

This is not the first or last case in which cryptocurrency has been criticized. Many people criticize Ripple and their monthly sales of huge amounts of XRP.