XRP checks may soon be a reality

The XRP leader is constantly evolving, with new solutions constantly being implemented.

With the addition of new features – or as they are called ‘ fixes ‘ – they are voted on among network validators. If there is at least an 80% majority for two consecutive weeks, the correction is activated.

Many features have been added in just this way, such as ‘ Escrow ‘, which allowed Ripple to lock in 55 billion XRP with monthly releases, and ‘ DeletableAccounts ‘, which allows you to delete accounts.

One of the amendments that has been under consideration for some time but has not yet been approved is ‘ Checks ‘. 

The feature, which was first introduced in February 2018, may finally be approved because a UNL validator lifted the veto, meaning the amendment is unanimous by an 80% majority.

Alloy Networks wrote:

Today we will lift our veto on the “checks” amendment. And with that, one vote remains to the majority.

The fix is ​​similar to paper checks and works with XRP and other currencies issued on the XRPL, and allows network users to exchange funds asynchronously – a process known and accepted in the financial industry.