Whale moved $ 1,238,000,000 to Bitcoin

Merchants are tracking a large crypto transfer as the whale moved 132.255 BTC worth about $ 1.24 billion.

The status was moved to three separate transactions, all of which were completed within about a minute. Despite the large amount of Bitcoin , the fees for the three transactions total only $ 1.84.

The transfer has attracted a lot of attention on Reddit, where users are discussing who may be behind the transaction.

The whale has moved large amounts of Bitcoin before, suggesting that an exchange, institution or trustee may own the funds. It is unclear exactly who is behind the transaction.

According to Glassnode , the number of Bitcoin whales holding at least 10,000 coins has reached its highest level since August last year. There are a total of 110 whales in this category.

Bitcoin’s largest transfer moved 500,000 BTC in November 2011.

At the time, the currency was worth about $ 2, which means the transfer was worth $ 1 million. Today, so many coins cost $ 4.67 billion.