VeChain with a new blockchain medical data management system

As hospitals around the world continue to see increasing patient admissions due to the coronavirus pandemic, VeChain is introducing E-NewHealthLife, a new medical data management platform that is now being tested for emergency departments.

The application, which VeChain developed with digital medical solutions company I-Dante, is now used in the Emergency Department of the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus, one of the largest healthcare institutions in the country.

The app uses Digital Healthcare Passport, an encrypted NFC card that can be distributed to patients.

The card can automatically identify patients when they enter the emergency department registration office. It also allows them to manage their medical records, track the queue they are in, and share data with the hospital. Meanwhile, hospitals can use the app to collect and record patient information.

VeChain says the app is designed to address technical issues in the healthcare sector, particularly in managing and sharing patient data using blockchain technology.

“Instead of relying on the exchange of health information or other means of aggregating data, blockchain technology is able to eliminate the intermediary and gain access to large-scale patient databases.”

The company claims that the application is in line with the general EU data protection regulation and allows users to have full control over their profile and medical records.

Patients can use their individual records as proof of their health, but it is up to them alone to share their data with third parties or not.

VeChain are optimistic that blockchain technology will transform the healthcare industry. The company claims that by 2025, blockchain technology could save the medical sector between $ 100 billion and $ 150 billion in costs related to security, IT, maintenance, operations and staffing vulnerabilities.