Tron’s decentralized applications will be included in the Samsung Galaxy Store

Project Tron (TRX) announced on April 27th that applications built on its blockchain will be unveiled at the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Samsung smartphone owners in certain countries will see Tron’s decentralized apps (or dApps) in an alternative app store.

Tron and its coins are supported by Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore, which stores private keys in secure memory. The integration was announced in conjunction with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

As noted by Tron, Samsung’s store will include “applications such as Blockchain Cuties, Super Player, Meerkat Mining and Timeloop .”

It is worth noting that Blockchain Cuties is a multi-platform game that reports that there are more Ethereum users, even though it sees more Tron transactions. It looks like Super Player so far is just an Ethereum project, according to

The other two applications are not present in any decentralized application platform.

The Samsung Galaxy Store itself is an alternative app store for Samsung devices. In addition to the common Android apps found on the Google Play Store, it has many custom apps for Korean company devices.

These dApps will be available on Samsung devices in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Philippines, Singapore and ” some countries in Europe”.Accessibility does not appear to be universal in these markets, with Tron saying it “varies depending on the operator, market and device.”

The ecosystem of decentralized Tron applications

As reported in January, Tron was dominated by gambling dApps throughout 2019. A review of Dappradar’s ranking for Tron shows that gambling applications still represent the majority of the ecosystem in terms of number of users.

In terms of volume, however, Just DApp tops the charts with over $ 3.5 million in transaction value. This appears to be the rib of Djed, a branch of DAO maker, which launched in March. The volume comes from just under 300 weekly users, suggesting that large TRX kits are involved.

Recent criticisms

Tron is a controversial project and its moves continue to polarize the community. The company’s latest scandal involves the acquisition of Steem it Inc., the company behind the Steem project. As the community rebels against the takeover, allegations of centralization continue.

According to former Steem Validator, Justin Sun is bribing the community for putting favorable validators on the Steem Delegated Evidence System.