This cryptocurrency ‘explodes’ by 930% in less than 2 months

DigiByte (DGB) entered the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on May 5 after posting a 930% rise against the dollar in less than two months.

This sudden increase in DigiByte is even more surprising given that the coin is not and has never been listed on the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world: Binance.

DigiByte Foundation Vice President Rudy Bowman shed some light on the strong performance of the coin recently and explained why not all roads necessarily lead to Binance.

“DigiByte is real. Without ICO, company, no manipulation, no bad intentions, no money theft. They are all volunteers. DigiByte is for the community and it’s from the community. “

DigiByte launched in 2014 without ICO (as Bitcoin ). Similarly, the asset was slowly selected by a community of crypto enthusiasts who continue to develop it on a voluntary basis.

That may be why it took longer for DigiByte to become famous, says Bowman, who was not surprised by the sudden rise of the coin. He said: ” Therefore, this growth should not be a real surprise. DigiByte was expected to outperform the market. It’s been expected for a long time. “

DigiByte’s trading volume has doubled in the last seven days, according to data provider CoinMarketCap. And yet, without the help of the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

DigiByte’s feud with Binance

DigiByte once had the ability to list Binance – but at a certain price. DigiByte founder Jared Tate said the exchange asked for $ 300,000 to add the coin to the list, plus three percent of all DigiByte tokens. Without pre-dug coins, the team wouldn’t have much to offer the platform and refuse, in a public scandal with Binance’s CEO.

“Each exchange is free to list DigiByte. No permission is required, but DigiByte will never pay a registration fee or pay for ‘market-making’. “said Bowman, adding:

“We also don’t have pre-dug coins to give to the exchanges. Some exchanges have requirements that we simply cannot and will never fulfill.”

Bowman has called on larger cryptocurrency exchanges to believe that ” decentralization ” is not just a momentary fashion.

“Big exchanges like Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, etc. they have to understand that we are really decentralized. There is not a single entity responsible for the DigiByte project, not even the founder Jared Tate. “

According to Bowman, exposure is not a problem for DigiByte right now. He said: “We are now listed on over 120 exchanges worldwide.”

Bowman still hopes the DGB may arrive on some major exchanges soon – but admits it may take some time. “I am confident in the weather, even the bigger exchanges will accept DigiByte. The talks are certainly continuing, and some look promising, “he said, adding:

“I think we just need a little more patience.”