The excitement around the halving subsided – what to expect?

Interest in Bitcoin has reached levels we last saw before recovering from the March crash.

According to data from Google T Ren ds, on May 30, interest in BTC returned to mid-April levels.

Then, the price of Bitcoin jumped from $ 6,800 to over $ 10,000 within 3 weeks.

According to a Google resource, the search for the largest cryptocurrency is declining after the excitement around Halving dissipated. 

The event caused a lot of excitement and speculation, especially given the unique economic circumstances that are the product of the measures against COVID-19.

The rise of $ 6,800 came to an end three days before the halving, and the event did not lower the price significantly.

Three weeks later, sentiment returned to normal, with a number of indicators indicating that a new bullish phase of Bitcoin was beginning.

The index of greed and fear stabilizes in neutral territory. In addition, exchange balances are at their lowest level since December 2018, indicating that investors do not intend to sell in the short term.