The creator of bitcoin?

The creator of bitcoin

If you’ve been wondering who Satoshi Nakamoto is and why he’s often talked about, here’s the reason – he’s the creator of bitcoin. Of course, the name is a nickname, and the “father” of the most popular cryptocurrency remains unknown, and to this day, or at least officially, no one has been able to connect with it in real life. Nakamoto also disappeared from the Internet in 2011, leaving little clue as to his real identity. Over the years, many people have stated publicly that they are Satoshi Nakamoto, but none have been able to support the statements with incontrovertible facts.

The first days of cryptocurrency

At the very beginning of the BitcoinTalk Specialized Forum, Satoshi said that work on Bitcoin had begun in 2007. This was two years before the first block was acquired. It was named Genesis and was acquired on January 3, 2009. It is also the first block in the blockchain of this cryptocurrency Nakamo is the Genesis digger, earning the first 50 Bitcoins ever put into circulation. However, this reward from the first block remains unspent because of the strangeness in the way the generated block is reflected in the code. A study called “BitMEX Research” published an analysis of the early days of bitcoin, concluding that “someone” had acquired 700,000 bitcoins. Many assume that it was Satoshi, but the claim remains unproven.

One can only imagine the glory that the “father” of Bitcoin, the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, would receive if his true identity ever came to light. The topic of the huge wealth that has accumulated in his account in the years after the creation of Bitcoin is also not neglected. However, Satoshi did not seem to have spent any of the horses he allegedly owned.

Satoshi Nakamoto must remain anonymous

Over the years, many people have come forward claiming that they are Satoshi. There are those who were rightly considered the true creators of Bitcoin.

The person or group of people behind the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the world’s first decentralized currency, may need to remain anonymous, and Satoshi himself knows this. The reason is the nature of his (their) creation. After creating a protocol that lacks a central point of control Nakama perhaps understood that maintaining his anonymity and only will help Bitcoin , blokcheyn entire crypto community.  

Whatever Satoshi is, he (or they) is undoubtedly the genius of our time. The Bitcoin protocol provides economic incentives in the right places, leading to a practical solution to the so-called “problem of Byzantine generals”. Satoshi Nakamoto applies concepts employed in cryptography, mathematics, game theory and economics to create a well-designed and the world’s first limited digital asset called bitcoin and in practice to lay the foundation for a much better alternative to monetary and banking systems.