That’s when Bitcoin will start a parabolic price movement, according to Tour Demister

Crypto investor Tuur Demister believes Bitcoin could be ready for another parabolic move.

In a new Twitter post, Demister claims that the world’s leading cryptocurrency is about to complete its re-accumulation phase, which he expects to be followed by a huge breakthrough.

Another golden cross

As reported, demister claims that parabolic rise of Bitcoin is intact in November 2019, despite collapsing under $ 7,000.

In addition, he was not dissuaded by Bloody Thursday on March 12, when BTC suddenly collapsed to its 2020 low of about $ 3,800.

Since then, BTC has fully recovered and is about to make another golden cross in the daily schedule.

The investor will hold Bitcoin until 2040.

While the investor usually deviates from making accurate price forecasts, there is no doubt that he is incredibly bullish for Bitcoin.

He reportedly claims that the flagship cryptocurrency will account for 33 percent of its “permanent portfolio 2.0” by 2040, underscoring his unwavering confidence in the world’s leading digital asset.

Demister expects Bitcoin to perform well in tandem with the gold.

He also recently revealed that the US dollar will strengthen during the upcoming bear market in fiat currencies.