That’s how much Bitcoin holds Elon Musk

After Joan Rowling, the author of the bestseller Harry Potter, asked crypto Twitter to explain to her about Bitcoin, Elon Musk intervened, admitting that he still holds BTC.

After Joan Rowling asked for help with understanding Bitcoin , many people in the community tried to give a meaningful answer.

Respondents include at least two notable figures – VacnEck Digital Assets Director Gabor Gurbacks and Elon Musk.

The latter is a Bitcoin fan and admits that the currency has advantages over the standard Fiat system.

Musk even specified how much BTC holds . He clarified that the largest cryptocurrency ‘ looks solid ‘ compared to ‘the massive printing of money by government central banks .

“I still only hold 0.25 Bitcoin btw.”

At the moment, the entrepreneur does not seem particularly inclined to buy more. Elon Musk released a post saying he was selling all his physical assets. 

After admitting that he still owns Bitcoin, many people joked that the entrepreneur was more willing to sell his home than his Bitcoin.

VanEck’s digital asset expert Gabor Gurbacks shared his attitude towards the author on Twitter. 

“J. K. Rowling is less important to Bitcoin than the casual person who operates a full node in a small village. ”

He claims that celebrities are unimportant to the Bitcoin network in the long run.

“Bitcoin appeals to those who operate full nodes more than celebrities.”