That is why Bitcoin is positioned for the big rise

Bitcoin is down about 4% after reporting seven consecutive green weekly candles.

BTC has just closed its seventh consecutive green week.

Last time this happened, the flagship cryptocurrency jumped 182% in 11 weeks. 

After fully recovering from the March meltdown, Bitcoin has difficulty remaining above the $ 9,000 level.

Bitcoin started this week with a loss of 4%, which may be expected given the long rise period. In April 2019, BTC completed its series of seven green candles on the weekly long-lived dojo schedule. This candle, which in most cases is an indication of indecision, was followed by a massive upswing.

Bitcoin’s decline coincides with a weak start to the stock market week. Although Bitcoin broke $ 9,000 on May 1 while Wall Street had a rough day, the currency seems to have some dependency on traditional markets.