Telegram’s blockchain operating system is coming soon to mobile app stores

It is reported that the Google Play and Apple Apple AppStore markets will soon have Telegram Open Network (TON) operating system (OS), a full open source infrastructure that allows developers and users to work with the TON blockchain.

The TON operating system will soon become available for smartphones and PCs to the general public, a source close to Telegram told Russian RBC news agency on April 29th. TON OS is not an alternative to existing operating systems, but will serve as an add-on for devices that make them able to support blockchain applications.

Big plans for the future

The source said that with TON OS, users can create applications that are automatically compatible with the blockchain platform. They expect that in the future, the OS will support applications with multiple functions such as transactions with various assets, including cryptocurrencies:

“In terms of funding or voting, decentralized governance can solve a huge number of problems with corruption, the effectiveness of governance, citizen participation. Small businesses will be able to cut costs by using secure chat for participants, managing the assets of that business and contracting parties. “

The ongoing battle with the SEC

Earlier, TON blockchain developers said they were still considering releasing TON, despite Telegram’s ongoing legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The Telegram wants to appeal the decision of the US federal court in favor of the SEC to suspend the distribution of platform tokens (Gram).

Fedor Skuratov, spokesman for the TON Foundation, said;

“The community was ready for this (or other) scenario. We have several options, including the launch of TON by TCF [TON Community Foundation]. No one can prevent TON from being released by another entity, person or community because TON is an open source decentralized solution. There are already two different test networks, and within the community, there is at least one group planning to launch. “

Meanwhile, after years of unsuccessful efforts to block Telegram in Russia, the country’s government is considering lifting the ban as app creator Pavel Durov agreed to cooperate with authorities to tackle the coronavirus.