Supercomputers in Europe are falling victim to cryptojacking

Cybercriminals target supercomputers as targets for cryptojacking.

ZDNet reports that a number of European organizations with supercomputers have been targeted by cryptocurrencies. 

According to cybersecurity researcher Chris Doman, a ‘ similar malware code ‘ indicates that these attacks were orchestrated by one person or organization.

The hacks began with the ARCHER computer at the University of Edinburgh, which suffered a security breach on May 11.     

As a result of the attack, one of the most powerful computers in the UK was shut down, and all passwords and SSH keys had to be rewritten. 

A few days later, it became clear that these attacks were a growing problem in academia. Many supercomputers in Spain, Germany and Switzerland have failed because they have been compromised by hackers.

The report states that in one case, the ‘ infected ‘ computer in question was used to extract Monero , the favorite currency of cybercriminals.