Someone transferred $ 400 million worth of Bitcoin for a fee of $ 2.50

Bitcoin has proven its superiority over banks as a means of conducting massive value transactions once again.

This time, a $ 400 million digital currency was translated for a total fee of just $ 2.50.

The huge transaction was announced earlier today by youtube IvanOnTech via Twitter. After publishing a screenshot of the blockchain researcher showing a completed transaction of over 46,835 BTC (with a fee of ~ 0.000322 BTC), the cryptocurrency analyzer added:

“Banks are doomed …”

The newest example of fees for Bitcoin transactions downplay those in the bank, it comes just days after it was reported rising fees Bitcoin network. The average fee was rising before the Bitcoin halving event earlier this month. From the event, he shot to over $ 6.60.

The sender of today’s $ 400 million transfer will no doubt be pleased to be able to include his transaction in a block for the modest $ 2.50 fee.