Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoins will probably never be moved

Patoshi researcher Sergio Lerner estimates that Satoshi Nakamoto will never move his 1.1 million bitcoins worth $ 10.76 billion.

The Patoshi model uses three privacy vulnerabilities in v.01, an early protocol, to identify blocks that were probably mined by the anonymous creator of Bitcoin .

Lerner’s theory states that a single miner dug 22,000 of Bitcoin’s early blocks. Lerner also says that Satoshi probably dug during that time and that there is “evidence linking Patoshi’s models to Satoshi, based on public sources and the blockchain itself.”

Based on the model’s trends, Lerner believes that Satoshi will never move his Bitcoin.

“Assuming Nakamoto is Patoshi, I think based on BTC’s history, Satoshi will never use the coins. So I don’t think there could be a fairer and more altruistic way to give birth to Bitcoin. “

Last month, Whale Alert sparked speculation about Satoshi after announcing a major transfer of Bitcoin (BTC) from the wallet, which has been inactive for more than 11 years.

Analyst Joseph Young said he believed the person or group behind the transfer may have close ties to Satoshi Nakamoto.

“This is only a month after the excavation of the first Bitcoin block. Not many people can do that, maybe close associates of Satoshi. My question is why, not who sent 50 BTC for the first time in more than 10 years. “