Russia and China want to stop people from buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin trader and investment fund manager Marius Landman tweeted that China and neighboring Russia (both in terms of territory and authoritarian political regime) have been violently blocking any Bitcoin-related content recently.

He believes that the governments of these countries would like their citizens to stay away from the BTC and “keep people poor.”

“Russia and China want to avoid their people buying Bitcoin

Marius Landman turned to Twitter to say that access to his crypto investment fund’s website has been blocked in China and Russia.

According to his publication, every time the company establishes a BTC membership in China, access to the site is blocked. The same thing happens with Bitcoin paid groups.

Landman is sure his company doesn’t break any rules, but China just wants their people to stay poor. Instead, the government lets them buy silver and gold.

The same story is with the access to the company’s website in Russia, the investor added. Local authorities continue to block Bitcoin memberships on the website, although the company has received private servers in the country.

As for Russia, there have recently been reports that the local parliament is considering a 7-year prison sentence as a criminal measure for the illegal use of Bitcoin and other digital assets.

China has banned cryptocurrencies since September 2017. It started with a ban on ICO (initial coin offerings) and then moved on to cryptocurrencies.

Last year, when Facebook announced the upcoming launch of the stable Libra coin, Chinese authorities said they would step up work on a central currency-backed digital currency.

China is preparing to issue its digital currency

Since then, China has opposed Bitcoin much more, with all cryptocurrency events canceled and banned, as well as crypto discussions and WeChat trading groups.

The giant Alipay also announced that it will block all payments related to Bitcoin.

The DCEP (electronic payment via digital currency) was originally expected to be released in November 2019. However, the Chinese authorities stated that the currency is being tested only and the exact time of its release has not yet been determined.