Ripple unveils new e-commerce platform

Ripple’s product director has unveiled an XRP-based payment project called Payburner.

The platform, which Craig DeWitt is building as a side project, was created to make it extremely easy to send and receive payments via e-commerce.

In a new interview with Thinking Crypto, DeWitt said that while working on an XRP- oriented music platform , it quickly became clear that a universal one-click cryptocurrency payment system was so necessary.

“Payburner was launched because we had this idea for xSongs, and then we realized that there really isn’t a big ecosystem for people to make peer-to-peer payments using XRP. It was interesting to see in the original version of xSongs that most of the payments came from the digital asset exchange …

People were buying songs for 20 XRPs, which was the weirdest thing … it turns out it’s [minimum] withdrawals for many of these exchanges …

At the time, it seemed to us that there was actually no [excellent] portfolio infrastructure, which made it really easy to use XRP for xSongs’ clients. “

Ripple’s CEO launched xSongs in December, a new digital marketplace that allows artists to sell their songs online for XRP. There is no fee for uploading or publishing songs, and artists receive 100% of their sales revenue through peer-to-peer payments with XRP.

Devitt claims that Payburner will launch as a Chrome extension and will also be available as a WordPress plugin, making it available for approximately 455,000 websites.

“When you look at website distribution today, you have the vast majority of pages that run on WordPress. One thing we are really excited about is that by building a plugin (or plugin) for WordPress, you could make it easier for many people who want to get XRP to pay for goods.

Then you have a built-in ecosystem of people who can easily buy [the goods] using the Payburner plugin they have in their browser.

So the way we approach this is really one of the bilateral markets. One where you have sellers, and one where you have buyers. We will continue to actively cultivate the ecosystem to make the experience better for both parties. “