Ripple offers a new technology solution for corporate payments

According to the Ripple website, the company has launched the RippleNet Cloud solution to help its customers improve the way they send and speed up payments on the Ripple network.

A cloud to help customers move funds faster, including XRP

Many business processes are now becoming increasingly digitalized due to the pandemic quarantined around the world. Giant Ripple has developed a new cloud solution to help its customers integrate RippleNet faster and increase the speed of their corporate payments to the end user.

According to an article on the Ripple website, the new product, RippleNet Cloud, aims to make ” banks and financial institutions maximize their business benefits with less effort and more flexibility.”

With the new solution, Ripple customers will be able to make payments using only one integration and a common Ripple Payment Object (PRO).

Cloudiness will allow customers to join RippleNet live faster than previous customers, and avoid meeting certain requirements that companies would otherwise face.

“Using the cloud, customers can switch to RippleNet live five weeks faster and avoid hardware or personnel props to get started.”

RippleNet Cloud also enables clients to work with other settlement methods using Ripple’s on-demand liquidity system (ODL), which uses XRP directly.

Customers are starting to migrate to RippleNet Cloud

The new Ripple product is also said to be able to reduce the cost to its customers that they would face when sending payments via other electronic systems, as the Cloud team will handle the maintenance and necessary improvements to the system.

Ripple says some of its largest customers have already migrated to the cloud, although the company did not name specific companies or banks.