Ripple has moved XRP 890 million to an anonymous wallet

Whale Alert said that within the past day, 890 million XRP was transferred in six transactions.

889.5 million of Ripple’s coins were transferred by the company itself in six separate transactions, as Whale Alert reported on Twitter. 

This is the second time Ripple has released a massive amount of XRP . Previously, every June 1, the company released 1 billion XRP escrow before returning 800 million.

800 million XRPs have been released from Ripple’s OTC wallet to 4 different addresses. These coins amount to approximately $ 162.32 million.

In a series of comments, some users shared that this could be a kit accumulating the 4th cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The Bithomp analytics site shows that all addresses are activated by an RL18-VN user.

Two years ago, user David Kay wrote a blog post on eToro sharing data showing that Ripple had activated 40 escrow wallets using the alias RL18-VN.

Ripple moved 400 million XRPs to two of these portfolios, splitting them into 200 million transactions.

The author of the publication suggests that the company may lock its crypto for further use.