PlusToken scammers are moving 29 million XRP

XRPL Monitor detected a transfer of almost 30 million XRP from PlusToken fraudsters.

XRP L Monitor noticed that 29.5 million XRPs had been moved by participants in the PlusToken scam. The coins are worth approximately $ 5,446,333.

The senders appear to have sent the funds in three separate transactions, followed by six more, making the total amount of XRP sent 71.5 million. According to analytics site Bithomp, six of these transactions were made by an anonymous user and three were marked as fraudulent after being linked to PlusToken.

Earlier, XRPL Monitor reported that nearly 285 million XRPs had been moved from PlusToken addresses, worth a total of $ 53.8 million.

Before the fraud to end last year, scammers managed to collect approximately $ 2.9 billion Bitcoin .