Peter Brand reiterates that XRP is a ‘manipulated scam’

The veteran trader with over 40 years of experience – Peter Brand – again attacked the XRP token, calling it a ‘manipulated scam’.


He believes that Ripple Labs, the company behind the cryptocurrency that holds 60% of the token’s supply, has been manipulating everything since the coin was launched.

Earlier this month, Brand mentioned that it was only a matter of time before XRP collapsed to around zero. 

On June 11, Brand also noticed that the coin had lost key support to 2,300 satoshi and could fall to 1,450 once ‘ bag holders ‘ gave up XRP. 

His prediction turned out to be particularly good, as XRP fell to 1,944 satoshita – the lowest value in two and a half years.

In February, Brand criticized fans of Ripple’s cryptocurrency for the ‘rude and immature’ treatment of him.