One altcoin fires 10,300%

A cryptocurrency with a very small market capitalization jumped sharply by over 10,300%.

This happened after the statement that altcoin would make a rally was popularized in 4chan and Telegram groups. 

A post in the ‘ business and finance ‘ section at 4chan praised Opyn yCurve Insurance (OCRV) as the next currency to make a huge rally.

“Hold on. The market capitalization is only $ 8k and this will explode, it is already being sharpened in Telegram. Opyn could become like TRB a few months ago… only… 100 times cheaper. ”

Hours after the post was released, OCRV erupted. The token ranges from $ 0.29 to $ 3.04. 

Opyn aims to allow users of the decentralized finance platform to insure their deposits.

Insurance tokens protect consumers from volatile market conditions and collapses. The strangest thing is that the guarantee offered by the token had expired.

As fast as it fired, the OCRV collapsed, losing 92% of its value.