OmiseGo jumps 200% and then collapses – insider trading?

With the release of support for OmiseGo, we saw premiums of 80%, a sharp price movement and an accusation of insider trading.

There was a serious discussion about Coinbase after listing altcoin, which jumped 200% in 15 minutes and collapsed immediately afterwards.

The topic is currently being discussed on social media, and the addition of OmiseGo has also created a wave of accusations of insider trading. “

OmiseGo (OMG) will launch on and iOS and Android applications in the next 15 minutes ,” the company said in a May 21 post.

On the first day, OMG traded at a significant premium compared to other platforms. At one point, this premium reached 82%.

Matt Caso, an analyst at crypto trading company CMT Digital, described the situation as ‘ absurd ‘ and said the premium created ‘ new lifetime bag holders ‘.

Within 15 minutes, the price rose by 200%, after which the altcoin collapsed.

Some commentators noted that OMG began its rise before the announcement – seven days before that, in fact.

“When will there be accountability? Tell me it’s just a coincidence, or rather a trade in inside information. ” – Crypto Pilot