More than 10 million blocks have been dug into the Ethereum network

Ethereum’s excavated blocks have already reached 10 million, an important moment for the second largest cryptocurrency.

According to Louit Hollander, it took more than 15 zeqs of computing power to produce this large number of blocks over five years. Genesis block the largest altkoyn was obtained on 20th July 2015

Ethereum , along with his eccentric co-founder Vitalik Buterin was best known during ICO bubble. The asset was close to surpassing even Bitcoin in June 2017.

After a strong start in early 2020, the price of ETH had its largest daily crash to date on March 12, but has since risen above the level from $ 200.

This achievement comes at the threshold of Ethereum 2.0. The re-iteration of the cryptocurrency, also called Serenity, is expected to come out in July with the launch of Beacon Chain.