Is there a big sellout at Bitcoin?

Henrik Seberg, who predicted Bitcoin could drop to $ 1,000, said a new phase of liquidation was beginning.

Macroeconomist and marketer Henrik Seberg has warned his Twitter followers that a new phase of liquidation is beginning in all major markets, including Bitcoin.

He reiterated that the US dollar was the ‘king’ at the time and that investors were expected to target him again. 

Nevertheless, it is true for the time being that the dollar is a safe haven. The Dollar Index (DXY) hit a three-year high of nearly 103 on March 20, when stocks, gold and Bitcoin suffered a serious sell-off.

30 million Americans lost their jobs and consumer spending dropped 7.5%.

On April 30, Bitcoin jumped to $ 9,400, its highest level since mid-February. The largest cryptocurrency is adjusted to $ 8,500 and, at the time of writing, is trading at $ 8,800.