Hackers install crypto mining software on a large blogging platform

According to ZDNet, the servers of the Ghost open source blogging platform have been compromised by cryptocurrency mining hackers as part of an extensive ransomware campaign.

The malicious participants were able to gain unauthorized access to Ghost using some of the weaknesses in the ‘ Salt ‘ software used to manage the company’s servers.

Overloaded processors

A Ghost spokesman says cybercriminals have not stolen personal or financial information from any of their users. Instead, they focused on cryptocurrencies – the process of steadily digging cryptocurrency (usually Monero- like privacy coins ).

Ghost developers felt the heat as the company’s processors became overwhelmed by a massive crypto mining operation. They downloaded all the servers and returned them online after the systems were repaired.

More vulnerable companies

Previously, hackers managed to compromise ‘ LineageOS ‘ servers , relying on the same vulnerabilities as Salt.

A cybersecurity expert warns that the campaign threatens banks and Fortune 500 companies.