Hackers are selling data to 129 million Russians about Bitcoin

The main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), continues to be actively used for illegal activities.

Anonymous hackers have taken the data of more than 129 million Russian car owners to expose them to the dark web in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

The leaked information includes the full names, addresses, passport numbers and other data belonging to millions of Russian car drivers, Russia’s RBC news agency reported on May 15th.

The stolen data allegedly leaked from the register of the Russian patrol jurisdiction, the General Directorate for Traffic Safety at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The accuracy of the data was reportedly confirmed by an employee of a local car sharing company.

The leaked data is being sold for cryptocurrencies, RBC said, citing an original report by local Vedomosti. As such, the full version of the database costs 0.3 BTC, which amounts to about $ 2,900 at the time of writing. The hackers also offered to buy some “exclusive” data for 1.5 BTC ($ 14,400), the report said.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used for illegal activity in the dark network markets. According to Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company based in New York, the volume of cryptocurrencies in the dark grid markets doubled in 2019 for the first time in four years.

Cybercriminals often sell stolen data on the dark web for almost nothing or even give it away for free. In mid-April 2020, hackers sold more than 500,000 accounts on the popular video conferencing platform Zoom for less than a penny.

In March, the Trident Crypto Fund suffered a serious security breach that led to the theft of 266,000 usernames and passwords.