Growth of Ethereum addresses with a positive balance

For several months now, the addresses with a positive balance of Etherium have been literally shot.

In fact, not all addresses used for blockchain transactions have a positive balance because some are used and then emptied.

According to the schedule posted on Twitter, in the first half of last year the total number of Ethereum addresses with a positive balance exceeds that of Bitcoin and has since continued to grow.

Addresses with Bitcoin balance

As for the Bitcoin blockchain, the growth of this indicator continued especially at the end of 2017 and actually began to fall between January and March 2018.

Later, starting in April, it slowly resumed its growth, starting to gaining momentum in February 2019. Only in 2020 did the number of Bitcoin addresses with a positive balance return to be higher than the record recorded in January 2018.

As for Ethereum, however, the trend was definitely different. In fact, growth has never stopped, with the first major peak in the first half of 2018, followed by more limited growth until mid-2019, when it began to rise again.

There are currently 40 million public addresses in the Ethereum blockchain with a positive balance, while those on Bitcoin remain at 30 million.

It is very likely that the impetus for this latest leap will come from the success of DeFi instruments, although this is certainly not the only reason for recent growth, and this is confirmed by the fact that the number of public addresses with a positive balance in the Bitcoin blockchain is constantly growing. as of mid-2019.

These data were collected by Glassnode, who commented on the achievement of 40 million, saying:

“There are already 40 million Ethereum addresses with ETH. This is an increase of over 350% since ETH saw a peak price in early 2018. “

In reality, it is quite surprising that, unlike Bitcoin, this indicator did not record the first absolute maximum price peak. This is because the number of addresses with a positive ETH balance continues to grow even after reaching the maximum price peak, and at the same time, a few weeks after reaching the price peak, the number of addresses with BTC began to decrease.

This reveals that the cryptocurrency ETH does not seem to be the only one influencing the use of the Ethereum network, which now exceeds the blockchain’s own cryptocurrencies.