David Schwartz addresses the claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto

Ripple’s chief technology officer explained why he was slowly selling Bitcoin, stressing that he was not the creator of Bitcoin.

Ripple’s CTO was chosen by the crypto community as a potential Satoshi, but he quickly addressed the claim.

Schwartz said that given all the skills needed to create BTC, it is more likely that a small group created Bitcoin instead of one person.

Schwartz jokingly acknowledged himself as an acceptable candidate for Satoshi or part of the team behind Bitcoin. The Ripple CTO admitted that it did not find out about Bitcoin until 2011.

Schwartz remains bullish on Bitcoin, stressing that even if it is banned, governments cannot push its price down. However, he himself said that he has been slowly selling his BTC fortune for years due to the ‘risk’ associated with the cryptocurrency.

Maybe it’s better to never understand who Satoshi Nakamoto is? Adam Buck, CEO of Blockstream, agrees. He himself has been rumored to be Satoshi. These claims were based on the style of the written code, as highlighted by YouTube user ‘Barely Sociable’.