Cryptocurrencies are about to ‘thrive’

In a recent interview with Fortune, one of Andreessen Horowitz’s directors (a16z), Chris Dixon, predicted that the cryptocurrency industry was on the verge of “thriving.”

Dixon does not seem to be deterred by the fact that the price of BTC is currently more than 50 percent below its highest recorded value.

He compares the cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence, which has also gone through numerous waves of ups and downs:

There is no doubt

The a16z reportedly launched its second cryptocurrency fund after raising $ 450 million.

The venture capital company unveiled its first crypto fund, which boasts $ 300 million in capital commitments in 2018, after the ‘ Bitcoin bubble has already burst’.

In addition to investing in digital assets, a16z also invests in individual companies such as Coinbase.

Dixon says he never doubted a16z cryptocurrency bet, despite volatile price changes

The golden days of crypto

The co-founder of a16z also claims that the cryptocurrency is currently in its “golden days” . This may seem encouraging to those who believe they have already dropped the ship.

You can be Wozniak and Jobs of the crypto industry. It’s a perfect time and you’re definitely not late.

With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey participating in the crypto space, Dixon expects the industry to bear fruit on his hard work over the next 12 months.