Coinbase will pay you to learn about these altcoins

You can now earn five cryptocurrencies simply by learning about them on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

Hours after enabling the purchase and sale of Compound Governance Token (COMP) on its trading platforms, Coinbase added the digital asset to Coinbase Earn.

COMP is the cryptocurrency of the popular decentralized financial (DeFi) protocol Compound. The Ethereum- based token allows holders to propose, discuss and implement changes to the lending platform.

Coinbase launched its rewards program in late 2018 to encourage consumers to learn about digital assets.

The platform, which launched with 0x (ZRX), added prizes for those interested in learning about Stellar , Tezos , EOS , Orchids and now COMP.

Coinbase is an investor in Compound and says it plans to keep its stake in the company for now.

“Coinbase owns COMP tokens as a result of an investment in Compound in 2018. Coinbase intends to maintain its investment in Compound for the foreseeable future and maintains internal policies aimed at the terms of admissible disposal of its digital assets, including COMP tokens.”

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