Bitmain debuts its new chip for digging cryptocurrencies

Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware, has launched its new special application integrated circuit (ASIC) – Antminer T19.

According to a June 1 announcement, Bitmain’s new Antminer T19 has a hashing power of 84 terahesh / second with a 3% error limit and an energy efficiency of 37.5 joules / terahesh with a 5% error limit.

The new ASIC model will go on sale on the manufacturer’s official website from today and deliveries will begin between June 21st and 30th.

The chips used in the new device are the same as those presented in the Antminer S19 and S19 Pro, but it also uses the new APW12 power supply and improved firmware. These changes are reported to allow faster starting speeds for an optimized digging experience.

Ricardo Mori, manager of a small-scale mining operation in Venezuela, says the T19 is a significant improvement over the T17 and its introduction is likely to increase hashing power. Bitcoin . He also believes that the introduction of the new hardware will help the Bitcoin network raise the hash rate again:

“With the introduction of the T19, we can expect that the hashing power will increase significantly and thus the difficulty of extraction with it. This will reduce profitability and extend the expected return on investment again. “

Problems have recently emerged in the production of Bitmain

The news about T19 follows the latest community announcements that the recently launched Bitmin mines for Antminer S17 + digging are defective. The co-founder of the US-based crypto consulting and mining company Wattum, Arseniy Grusha, said;

“I’ve never seen such defective production before.”

Shortly after the criticism in early May, Bitmain confirmed that many ASIC units in the series have major problems. A spokesman said the company was already in talks with customers who were facing problems.