Bitfinex launches ‘Pulse’ social network

Crypto exchange Bitfinex has launched a social network called ‘Pulse’ for its users.

Pulse allows confirmed users of the platform to share data and communicate with one another, according to a message the exchange shared with The Block. 

The concept of a social network for marketers is not something new, naturally. What distinguishes Bitfinex Pulse is the quality of the content available, ”said Paolo Ardoino, CTO. He added that the network would focus on “ niche, high-quality, real-time information tailored to our active merchant community.

It is unclear how many confirmed users have Bitfinex. Ardoino mentioned:

We have seen a large increase in active consumer engagement over the last year, with an increase of more than 20%, as well as growth in new customer acquisition and sales volumes. On average, the time our users spend on the platform has grown by 21.55%.

According to The Block, Bitfinex is the most liquid spot exchange, based on the depth of the order book.