Bitcoin whales move funds between Coinbase, Binance and Anon wallets

According to data published by Whale Alert, in the last twenty-four hours the so-called Bitcoin whales have transferred 17,659 BTC, sending them among the best crypto exchanges Coinbase, Binance and unregistered BTC addresses.

9,859 BTC moved from Coinbase

Bitcoin whales continue to move huge quantities of BTC, from wallets to markets and vice versa.

Blockchain allows merchants to easily transfer large quantities of BTC for low fees.

Such huge sums in BTC are often relocated, this data is made public and many of the crypto community are convinced that whales are able to manipulate the price of BTC. This is often confirmed by independent research.

Earlier today, almost 10,000 BTC were moved from Coinbase to anonymous addresses – 9,859 BTC. That equates to over $ 94 million.

7,800 BTC are related to the participation of Binance

Several major transactions have also been spotted between Anon’s BTC wallets and trading giant Binance.

In total, 7,800 BTCs were moved to and from Binance, amounting to $

74,824,698. In addition, 2,500 BTCs were sent to Bitstamp and 1,174 BTCs were moved to OKEx. Both transactions were made from addresses with anonymous owners.