Bitcoin to grow 1,420% solid Anthony Pompliano (video)

Anthony Pompliano suggested that the current macroeconomic climate would push Bitcoin up.

Pompliano predicts growth of 1,420%

He made these comments during an interview with ‘ Tech with Catalina ‘. During the interview, Pompliano talked about the upcoming halving and the potential for the creation of a digital dollar.

Most significant were his comments about the price of Bitcoin. Pompliano sees a massive bullish move for the largest cryptocurrency driven by difficult macroeconomic conditions.

Halving will cut the future supply of cryptocurrency by half. The stock to flow model predicts a massive upswing for BTC. According to recent comments by Pompliano, Bitcoin will rally 1,420% of its current price of $ 7,600 to $ 100,000. He predicts that BTC will hit $ 100,000 before the end of last year. 

“By the end of 2021, I think Bitcoin will make $ 100,000. The reason is the combination of macro-circumstances with the structure of halving […] We also have massive quantitative easing. Two trillion dollars in economic stimulus have been announced in the US. Japan has announced an economic stimulus plan for nearly one trillion. “

Pompliano predicts that this growth may begin slowly and gradually, but will gain speed.