Bitcoin to $ 100,000 before 2022?

Bitcoin’s next halving is expected in less than a week. Meanwhile, Bitcoin made more than $ 9,000 and BTC’s market dominance rose by almost four percent.

The US Treasury is planning to borrow $ 3 trillion to mitigate the ongoing damage from the COVID-19 crisis.

Considering all this, Bitcoin and the crypto influencer IvanOnTech weighs Bitcoin’s chances of reaching $ 100,000 before 2022 and asks its followers if they think it’s possible.

The US Treasury Department borrows more money

The US Treasury intends to borrow another $ 3 trillion between April and June to provide financial assistance to regular citizens and businesses to help them survive the COVID-19 pandemic and support the economy.

On Monday, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad  , Robert Kiyosaki, called the newly printed dollars “counterfeit dollars,” and recommended buying Bitcoin , gold and silver, saying “savers of counterfeit dollars are losers.”

Bitcoin halving is approaching

Today, the price of Bitcoin has again jumped above the $ 9,000 resistance level and is now trading at $ 9,012.

Trader and economist, Holger Jaepitz, posted on Twitter that price action has played out in the wake of speculation around halving, and reminds the community that the previous two such events have triggered huge BTC rallies of 10,000% and 2,500%.

“Bitcoin raises over $ 9,000 because of speculation around halving. The third Bitcoin prize halving will take place next week. The previous two reductions in the block of Bitcoin awards have started huge upward movements of $ 10,000% and 2,500% respectively. “

Will it hit BTC $ 100,000 before 2022?

As mentioned above, IvanOnTech is considering whether Bitcoin will be able to jump up to $ 100,000 over the next two years and asks its followers to share their opinion: