Bitcoin is more than an asset, analyst claims (video)

PlanB discussed the S2F model and the future of Bitcoin with Peter McCormack.

PlanB recently published a major revision of its stock-to-flow model.

While the super bullish views of the model remain the same, the specific values ​​have changed. PlanB emphasized that this model works with different assets. He also claims that Bitcoin is in the fourth phase in its history. In its first phase, cryptocurrency was an experiment, in the second it reached par with the dollar, and in the third, with gold.

In the fourth phase, Bitcoin is now more than just electronic money or electronic gold, and is now a financial instrument. BTC is also the first global financial asset of its kind. 

PlanB recalled that the accuracy of its model was supported by studies. Stock-to-flow suggests that the price of Bitcoin is driven mainly by halving events. The original version was priced at $ 50,000 by 2021, while the updated version was priced at $ 288,000.