Bitcoin has 140 times more active addresses than XRP

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to lead the competition for popularity among the top cryptocurrencies – but there are fewer addresses with real coins in them than Ethereum.

According to the market analyst blokcheyn Glassnode, Bitcoin has almost three times daily active addresses from Ethereum (ETH), 11 times more than Litecoin (LTC) and 140 times more than Ripple ( XRP ).

Bitcoin is growing faster than others

The number of new Bitcoin addresses created every day is almost five times higher than that of Ethereum. New Bitcoin addresses reached almost 470,000 in 24 hours, the day after the halving event, unlike Ethereum, which increased by only 90,000 new addresses per day.

The number of addresses with more than 0.1 BTC and more than 1 BTC also reached ATH of 3,053,970 and 815,698, respectively.

Is this real growth?

However, 95% of the total number of existing Bitcoin addresses – 626 million – hold zero Bitcoin. This calls into question the state of real growth of the network.

Ethereum looks positive

After the bullish market of 2017/2018, millions of Bitcoin addresses were emptied to zero many times, but the number of Etherium addresses with a positive balance continues to grow at a constant rate.

Since February 2019, Ethereum has overtaken Bitcoin in the number of “zero” addresses and currently has almost 10 million more than Bitcoin. The need to keep addresses with small amounts of Ethereum for gas may be part of the difference.

Given that Etherium has millions more tokens in them, but only a third of Bitcoin’s active addresses, this suggests that smaller holders and users of the network are more likely to invest in Etherium, while big players and traders are more willing to invest in Bitcoin.