Bitcoin futures account for 78% of the futures market volume in Q1 2020

The crash last month had a serious impact on the entire crypto market.

 It influenced not only the price but also the market sentiment, the foundations of the chain and consumer activity were also affected.

Derivatives were also affected, but with the recovery of the market this April, the derivatives market was able to stabilize. 

According to a report by TokenInsights despite the decline since March, total digital asset derivatives turnover in Q1 2020 reached an impressive $ 2 trillion, up 314% from the 2019 average.

“In Q1 2020, total futures trading in the industry reached $ 2.1048 trillion, an increase of 314% from the average for all quarters of 2019.”

The report also looked at large asset futures, which reported heavy volumes, with Bitcoin leading the way. Three cryptocurrency futures are responsible for over 90% of total Q1 2020 market turnover, while the remaining contracts are responsible for less than 10%. Bitcoin is responsible for 78% of this volume. 

The report attributes this to Bitcoin’s liquidity. Volume is an ‘ intuitive liquidity manifest ‘, so the low volume on other futures is probably due to low liquidity. 

It is important to emphasize that large financial institutions prefer BTC futures over investing in the asset itself. As this market attracts dollars more easily, the Bitcoin futures market is more liquid than the Bitcoin market itself.