Bitcoin at a crossroads – correction or rise?

Bitcoin is trading over $ 9,800, with the bulls expecting a $ 10,000 breakout soon.

Now that the largest cryptocurrency is on the verge of breaking a psychologically significant level of $ 10,000, many people in the crypto community share bullish predictions on Twitter.

One trader expects the cryptocurrency to test $ 14,000 very soon.

Others believe we may see a reversal followed by a major correction to push Bitcoin $ 2,000 below the current price. 

The trader, operating under the pseudonym DIY Investing ‘, has a very bullish attitude towards the largest cryptocurrency. According to him, Bitcoin will test the resistance of $ 14,000 – as it was supposed to do in July 2019.

He also acknowledged that there may be a correction after seeing a break of $ 10,000. However, he argues that this is unlikely, and even if it happens, this adjustment will be short-lived and ultimately insignificant.

TraderSZ ‘ also expects the price rise to continue.

“I’m looking to buy around 9400 – 9500, if we get there and find support… in case of a clear break above the daily peak I will look for a sequel #btc”

But isn’t there a more serious correction?

The trader ‘ Mayne ‘ told his followers that he expects a big correction in Bitcoin. He predicts a drop of 20% to about $ 8,000.