Binance reached a record volume of Bitcoin and crypto trading

Today, Binance has reached $ 12 billion in daily trading volume over a 24-hour period – a new record for the leading crypto exchange.

Binance’s CEO, Changpen Zhao, says his company has reached its previous record high around the peak of the last parabolic bullish

cryptocurrency market in 2017. At that time, Binance was not offering derivatives trading, but now the company’s futures platform maintains 25 % of total crypto futures volume.

“The last time we saw [this level] was in January 2018, if my memory serves me correctly. We have been seeing record numbers in traders for some time, but today we have registered a new peak in the volume of the stock exchange. “

With the increase in volume, crypto exchanges are working extraordinarily to keep their operations running smoothly.

Zhao said Binance’s operations in China were hit by a DoS (denial-of-service) attack on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the leading US crypto exchanges Coinbase and Coinbase Pro collapsed for a two-hour period, also on Wednesday. Problems were quickly resolved and access to both platforms restored.