Australians can now buy Bitcoin in the post office

Australians can now pay for Bitcoin (BTC) at the country’s post offices, thanks to a new collaboration.

According to a report by June 24, customers of the local exchange kriptovaluti will be able to pay for Bitcoin in more than 3500 Australian Post.

The company’s CEO Holger Arians explained that he believes the new payment option will create comfort for some people when buying cryptocurrency:

“For many people, the feeling of paying for Bitcoin at an Australian post office is safer than transferring funds online – especially for first-time buyers. We are proud of this partnership and would like to thank the Australia Post for their continued openness to new technologies. “ customers have already had the opportunity to pay for Bitcoin at 1,500 retail outlets on the Blueshyft payment network. Founded by Cain Warwick of Synthetix, Blueshyft also serves many other exchanges.

More and more physical places are selling cryptocurrencies

An increasing number of physical locations offer consumers the opportunity to acquire cryptocurrencies. Bitomats have recently reached a new record number of 8,000 units installed worldwide.

It has also been reported that it is now possible to buy Bitcoin with money at more than 20,000 retail locations in the United States, including 7-Eleven, CVS and Rite Aid.

In September last year, all 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines also began selling cryptocurrencies. In early 2019, a number of French tobacco shops did the same.