Alibaba has obtained a new blockchain patent for the music industry

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has secured a patent in the US for a blockchain-based solution that aims to correct one of the major problems in the record industry: music plagiarism.

The blockchain-based “originality analysis” patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April 21 uses the decentralized technology behind Bitcoin to systematically check songs.

According to the patent application, a validation node would analyze the lyrics, tempo and tune of a song and then compare the results with a music catalog to determine if it was original.

The data is then added to the blockchain. Repeating the process with other nodes that analyze different musical factors can ultimately verify the originality of the track.

The company hopes the decision can expose and prevent imitators from stealing copyrighted music.

Alibaba is among several multinational corporations exploring blockchain for a wide range of use cases across a wide range of industries, from entertainment to financial services.

Tokyo-based Sony recently released its new blockchain solution for transportation services. In addition, accounting firm EY has launched a new Ethereum based blockchain with collaborators from Microsoft and ConsenSys to power private, secure and regulatory-compliant business transactions.