A new assumption has emerged about who the creator of Bitcoin is

Computer visionary Ted Nelson believes he knows the man behind Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin (BTC), whose true identity remains a mystery to this day.

In an interview with Forbes, Nelson said that the genius in mathematics of Newton’s caliber was probably the man who created the leading cryptocurrency. He is referring to Shinichi Moshizuki, a Japanese mathematician who completed his doctorate at Princeton three years later and finished second in his class.

Nelson first revealed his theory that Moshizuki is the inventor of Bitcoin 12-minute video, which he published on YouTube in 2013. He says that his point of view has not changed.

Nakamoto released the Bitcoin framework in 2008 and continued to communicate with early developers until 2011, when he sent an email to one of the people working on the Bitcoin project that he had decided to move on to other endeavors.

Although Moshizuki, who now teaches mathematics at Kyoto University, is Japanese, Nelson believes he wrote the Nakamoto correspondence because his English is good. Moshizuki also published his work on number theory, publishing documents that have a total volume of 500 pages, reports Scientific American.

Although he apparently solved the 27-year-old mathematical conundrum of the ‘abc conjecture’ hypothesis in 2012, which remained beyond the reach of all other mathematicians, Moshizuki decided to stay ‘in the shadows’.

Nelson shares via Forbes,

“He was asked to give a lecture, which he refused. Instead, he simply got away with saying he had nothing more to comment on, as he did in 2011 after giving Bitcoin to the world.

The late console game developer Hal Feeney, cryptographer Adam Beck, computer scientists Nick Sabo and Craig Wright, and even convicted drug dealer Paul Le Roux are among those suspected of being the creators of the flagship cryptocurrency, but Nelson is convinced that Moshizuki is the real Nakamoto.

“It simply came to our notice then. This individual had to be a man of extreme depth and work ethic because the parts of Bitcoin are so well integrated. “