A man gave Bitcoin to his two-month-old daughter

Misha Lederman, co-founder of IamDecentralized.com and director of communications and marketing at TronWallet, posted on Twitter that his daughter is now two months old.

Despite this young age, the girl already owns a small Bitcoin , the price of which, as Lederman shared, has now risen by nearly eighty percent.

Somehow he illustrated the popular belief that Generation Z, Alpha, and those after them, would use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an investment tool.

The little girl’s bitcoin has almost doubled in value

Misha Lederman turned to Twitter to share the news that his daughter turned two months old yesterday and she already owns $ 1,797 worth of Bitcoin.

The entrepreneur wrote that on the day the girl was born, he gave her $ 1,000 in Bitcoin. Since then, that amount has risen by more than 79.7 percent. He believes that Bitcoin is the only investment tool that can bring a child such a high return so quickly.

Misha Lederman mentioned that he will run this BTC until 2041, when his daughter turns 21.

Peter Schiff criticizes the father who helps his child buy Bitcoin

Earlier, Bitcoin’s main critic Peter Schiff criticized Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Jason A. Williams for helping his daughter buy Bitcoin.

Williams first announced that his twelve-year-old daughter had decided to invest all her savings in BTC and asked her father to show her how to do it.

The CEO of Euro Pacific Capital pressed Williams Sr. for taking financial advice from the age of twelve and said that the girl would at least learn an important lesson from the loss of a small investment.

They teach their children to invest

Experienced real estate investor Robert Kiyosaki, in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” says teaching children to be financially literate is very important, and it’s something no school does.

Kiyosaki has recently become a Bitcoin supporter and believes that BTC, as well as gold and silver, can help investors protect their money from the current recession and the devaluation of the US dollar.