A large crypto trader and Bitcoin whale is back on Twitter

In May, after gaining tens of thousands of followers trading Bitcoin, trader and whale ‘Joe007’ withdrew from Twitter.

Then, he shared that ‘ he can’t afford Twitter ‘.

“Trading is a dangerous, competitive information game with high stakes. It is played against the best, looking for any advantage. Publicly presenting your positions and results gives them an advantage. ”

On June 28, Bitcoin whale returned. And he has already begun to actively engage with other individuals in the community.

Apparently Joe couldn’t resist and decided to return to Twitter. Just 50 days after saying goodbye, the trader, who according to the Bitfinex rankings makes millions a month, has returned.

The whale’s first task was to criticize ‘ degenerate crypto-gamblers and S2F cultists. ‘ 

S2F (stock-to-flow) or the already updated S2FX model of ‘ PlanB ‘ predicts a price of $ 100,000 for Bitcoin by 2021.

Joe007 stressed that most people do not understand the specific mechanics of the Federal Reserve ‘s ‘ printing money ‘ and how it affects Bitcoin. 

He also discussed the ‘ myth ‘ that the GBTC buys more BTC than miners extract.

“Arbitrators [arbitrage traders] play the GBTC premium as BORROW BTC and convert it into GBTC shares. Direct GBTC purchases are less than 10% of miners’ output in 2020. Don’t trust, check. ”

In less than 24 hours, the whale has managed to engage with the crypto community in a number of ways, so it’s probably worth following Joe007 on Twitter, if only out of curiosity.