5 exciting Bitcoin projects (June 2020)

On Friday (June 5th), a popular member of the crypto community on Twitter (@hodlonaut) asked the question “What is the most exciting Bitcoin project right now?”.

This article highlights some of the best answers to this question:

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is a free open source software, which ” is considered as the reference implementation of Bitcoin . This software “serves as a Bitcoin node and provides a Bitcoin wallet that fully verifies payments.”

The 20th stable revision of BitCoin Core (ie version 0.20.0) was released on June 3rd.

Atomic Loans

This is a “platform for decentralized Bitcoin borrowing without guardianship” . By depositing BTC as collateral (with your Bitcoin locked via Bitcoin scripts), you can “take stable coins as a loan” . Atomic Loans are supported by Initialized Capital, Consensus and Morgan Creek.


OpenNode is a platform that allows businesses to accept / manage Bitcoin payments through their easy-to-use payment requests / templates, supports instant and low-cost payments using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, and allows manual / automatic conversion to local fiat currency.

On December 18, 2018, OpenNode announced that it had managed to raise $ 1.25 million in funding from Draper Associates, a venture capital company founded in 1985 by Tim Draper.

RSK Labs

The startup, which was founded in 2015, says RSK is “the first general-purpose smart contract platform provided by the Bitcoin network.” RSK’s core network was launched in January 2018.

RSK (meaning “rootstock”) is a federal side chain project (somewhat similar to Blockstream’s Liquid). It is designed to combine ” the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum under one roof”, as its security is ” protected by over 40% of the computing power of the Bitcoin network”, and the programming capabilities are ” on par with Etherium, as both local and Solidity Smart Contracts support the same APIs. “

Magic Internet Gathering (MintGox)

MintGox is “an online collection representing the future of video games powered by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.” The project was launched on March 16th. This community, which currently has 217 members, communicates through a group at Discord. “

The first MintGox virtual game tournament took place on March 29th.