40 Bitcoins are moving for the first time since 2009 – are they on Satoshi?

The Bitcoin market sold 7% on Wednesday, according to data from Bitstamp.

After a bot on Twitter shared that a recent Bitcoin transaction came from a wallet that may belong to Satoshi Nakamoto.

But there is almost no evidence to support such a claim. ‘ Whale Alert ‘, a Twitter bot tracking blockchain transactions of several major chains, said 40 BTCs were sent from a wallet that may also belong to Satoshi Nakamoto. The price began to fall approximately when the publication gained more serious popularity. 

Hunter Merghart, head of Bitstamp’s operations in the United States, said the stock market had received good and fast liquidity, and buyers absorbed it. Everything works as planned.

The only thing that connects the coin with the creator of Bitcoin is that they were mined in 2009 and have not been moved since. 

Software engineer Jameson Lopp noted that the crypt behind this bot was inaccurate. 

A more sophisticated approach to transaction analysis undermines the claim that these coins are linked to Satoshi. An analysis of the habits of an early miner was used to develop the ‘ Pastoshi ‘ model, which is thought to indicate which blocks Nakamoto dug and which he did not.