2000% Binance employee growth in less than three years

One of the major crypto exchanges, Binance, already has over 1000 employees, showing huge growth of the company since the beginning of 2017.

When Binance first started in 2017, it had under 50 people,” said Binance co-founder, And Hugh on April 23. “Today, we have more than 1,000 employees (currently 1,002, and we continue to grow, meeting new people almost every day).”

Binance started less than three years ago

Binance held its ICO in July 2017, raising $ 15 million in capital. The exchange opened a month later. “Although our team was not very large all the time, we were already an international and decentralized team, working remotely with the executive team,” he said.

The stock market quickly became one of the options for trading in the crypto market, boasting $ 1.5 billion in volume by June next year.

The Exchange is looking for new workers amid rising unemployment

Over the last few weeks, measures to prevent coronavirus and market downturns have led to a massive number of layoffs and difficulties for the company.

“Many talented people have lost their jobs due to the current climate, with a number of companies cutting their staff, ” he said, adding;

“We believe this time is the best time to recruit exceptional talent. Throughout this quarter, we will continue to recruit new staff and encourage people to apply for Binance. “

With regard to long-term goals, he explained that the company’s mission statement had not changed. Considering cryptocurrency as a method of unlocking money-related potential, Binance wants to increase its affordability while improving the usability of cryptocurrency.

In 2020 alone, Binance launched a number of new products, such as options trading, further expanding its product range.